15 Times Online Detectives Revealed the Mysteries of “Top-Secret” Items

It isn’t easy to know everything, and sometimes we find objects that are a complete mystery to us.

In these cases, internet users can solve this puzzle in just one minute.

Here are some examples of mysterious puzzles that will challenge your brain.

1. “I bought this dish in a thrift store, thinking it might be good for tacos. It wasn’t ideal. What’s its actual purpose?”

Answer: “Looks like a toast rack to me.”

2. “Blue rubber object found in the kitchen after someone stayed here.”

Answer: “It’s a silicone hot plate picker-upper.”

3. “Pop can sized angry faced plastic lady.”

Answer: “This is an Angry Mama. Used for cleaning microwaves. Take her hair off and fill the first line with vinegar, then water.

She’s microwaved for a few minutes, and the steam that is released through her head holes helps loosen dried-on crud inside of the microwave.”

4. “Small plastic object. Has a cap that covers 2 small nubs on top.”

Answer: “I was over here assuming it was for 2 part epoxy.”

5. “This came out of an 18-wheeler trailer. No one in the warehouse knew what it’s for. It’s roughly 40 inches long and all metal. This is the second one we’ve found.”

Answer: “Battery cable retractor.”

6. “Black liquid that appears to have dripped from the ceiling, right underneath a light.”

Answer: “Bad ballast, they are potted with that goo.”

7. “Hollow small glass object with a weird opening. What is it?”

Answer: Glass vase/flower holder.

8. “Spoon type thing with a metal plate and hole?”

Answer: “That is a soup spoon for mustachioed gentlemen.”

9. “What is this weird rubber penguin thing? It’s about 7 inches tall.”

Answer: “It’s a dive stick. Throw it in the pool. Dive down and get it.”

10. “I found it in a forest in Sweden, about 1 m from the ground, roughly 20 cm in size. Hard to the touch, but drips liquid when knocked.”

Answer: “Looks like a polypore fungus that is exuding excess moisture, called guttation.”

11. “I got a bag containing 6 of these from China. I have no idea why! What are they?”

Answer: Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant, Dinosaur Plant, Jericho Rose)

12. “Husband’s truck exploded, this came out.”

Answer: “It’s the inside bits, the catalyst, of a catalytic converter.”

13. “My colleague gave me this. I have no idea what it is. It’s about 5 cm high and 4.5 cm whide. At the bottom is a suction cup.”

Answer: “Looks like a phone stand.”

14. “These lead blocks were found in a UK river. 125 g each. Can anyone positively identify them?”

Answer: “They are reminiscent of the Kuberakolam.”

15. “Golden Coloured Opaque Glass object about 25cm tall. Weights about 40g. Hollow with no holes.”

Answer: “It’s a decor item. And it looks to be blown glass. The lower bulb doesn’t seem to be a uniform sphere. A pretty cool little piece of art.”

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