20 Interesting Pictures You May Not Have Seen Before

A collection of fascinating pictures that we may not have seen often

There are some interesting things all around the world. Usa-People has selected a collection of the most fascinating pictures.

Moissanite is brighter than diamonds

Moissanite’s brilliance is higher than diamond’s due to its higher “refractive index” (Diamond’s is 2.42, whereas Moissanite’s is 2.65). This is a technical term for how much a gemstone bends light. Moissanite bends light a lot, meaning light bounces around more, giving it max sparkle!

A wooden doppelganger in Switzerland

The volcanic vineyard in the Canary Islands

Bibi Aisha got attacked by the Taliban when she was 18. The right picture is after getting facial reconstruction surgery

She was so beautiful that the first time I saw Bibi Aisha on the cover of Time magazine, it took me a moment to realize she didn’t have a nose. Her husband and his family had hacked it off when she’d tried to escape being abused in her home. The magazine said she was the graphically horrifying illustration for the fate that awaits many women if the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan too soon.

Cuban NATURAL Painted Snails

Love from the sky

The tip of a pyramid

The Pyramid Texts are the oldest ancient Egyptian funerary texts, dating to the late Old Kingdom.


A sad sunflower

A four-finger hand

Larimar is a mineral found in the Dominican Republic

In the last century, a blue–green colored gemstone known as Larimar with a special sea-wave pattern was discovered in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is composed of the mineral pectolite, which has a chemical composition of NaCa2Si3O8(OH) and is usually white in color.

Real happiness – shown in a carving

The oldest door in Rome said to be made in 115 AD

The Maori celebrating their culture

Rocket-and-wire triggered lightning

Polar bears in Russia, searching for food in garbage dump

This view of Afghanistan!!!

A horse getting a CT scan

Matchy-matchy with the nature

Sleeping in the sky

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