Jesus and Moses in Heaven

One beautiful day in Heaven, Jesus and Moses were fishing in a lake. After a while of silence, Jesus asked Moses, “Hey Moses, can you still do it? You know… ‘Your thing’?” Moses then answered, “I don’t know, let me see if I still got it!”

He then stood up and drew his arms forwards, and then separates them. As soon as he did it, the lake’s water divided into two and the boat fell to the dry bottom of the lake. Moses happily then said, “Ah ha! I can still do it!!” Then after he closed his arms and the lake came back to normal, with the boat rising on top of it, he then asked Jesus, “So, how about you? Can you still do it, ‘your thing’?” Jesus then answered, “Only one way to find out!”

Jesus then stood up and jumped out of the boat, and started walking on the lake. But after a few steps of walking, he then fell into the water and started drowning. Moses seeing this, rushed to save Jesus and get him out of the water. When Jesus was finally saved, Moses, looking confused, then asked him, “Hey, what happened? How did you fall into the water??”

Jesus, still breathing faintly, then answered him, “Ha– Ha– I just remembered– That I still got holes in my feet– From that day–”

Edit: Had to replace “miles” with “steps” to make it more realistic, idk imperial lol

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