5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Our everyday habits influence our behavior more than we realize, and it’s important to consider what we put our minds to on a regular basis.

According to research, habits can actually be destructive, so it’s much better to have knowledge about what’s really good and bad for you.

We want to inform you that the habits you thought were good may not be so healthy for your body.

1. Riding a bicycle

5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Although riding a bike has plenty of health benefits, research shows that it’s not very good for creating strong bones — in fact, it can harm them.

When riding a bike, you are sitting down, and it’s not a physical activity that has any weight-bearing.

Even though it feels like you are using your legs heavily, the force you put on the pedals is not done in a way that affects your bones, such as your spine.

Also, if you have been cycling for years, you are more prone to fractures.

2. Using mouthwash

5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

The substances used in mouthwash aren’t designed to clear out bacteria — they’re actually some of the ingredients needed to create it.

Most mouthwashes contain substances that can cause dry mouth, bringing in little bacteria and germs to your mouth.

This causes bad breath. Try to get a “therapeutic mouthwash” that doesn’t contain any of these substances and has menthol or fluoride instead.

3. Eating beans

5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Beans have something called phytates, which is an acid that stands in the way of calcium production.

In order to keep our bones healthy, we need to eat foods that help our bodies absorb calcium. Eating beans does the opposite, as it doesn’t let our body absorb it, which can lead to weaker bones.

A lack of calcium can also cause weaker teeth. However, we shouldn’t avoid eating beans overall because they are quite healthy.

Just soak them in water for a couple of hours before cooking them.

4. Eating spinach

5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Spinach actually has calcium, but it also has something called oxalates that can interrupt calcium production.

You shouldn’t stop eating spinach, but rather, combine it with other foods that contain calcium. For example, you can mix cheese and spinach to get this important mineral needed for your body.

5. Wearing tight clothes

5 Good Habits That Are Actually Bad for Our Health

Of course, it’s nice to wear fashionable clothes and follow the trends — but it’s not always healthy.

For example, wearing tight jeans can lead to yeast infections in women, especially if you sweat a lot.

It’s important to wear clothes that allow for blood flow throughout your body.

Which of these habits did you think were healthy? Will you change them now that you’ve read this list?

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