27 People Whos Selfies Didn’t End Well

Selfie – those pictures all Social Media Nowadays. Sometimes they are annoying, sometimes they can be funny.

The ones we from Usa-People will show you in this article are something else, funny ones but also complete train wrecks. Enjoy!

#1 “Went in for the photo and got a rabies shot”

#2 Well, I guess that didn’t go as planned. Or the person who took the photo is was trolling!

#3 “Oh you want a selfie too? Here, upload this“

#4 “Just got a new selfie stick“

Maybe he should use the towel rack instead of the door to hang his towels

#5 Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a picture

#6 “Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby in a cannon.”

Is that how you cross the English Channel

#7 “I may see a better photo of a man, a baby and a dog this month, but I doubt it”

#8 “Even this dog is sick of her sh*t”

I like to think the dog ran full speed into the door and splatted against it like a cartoon character.

#9 “Never left her hometown I guess…“

I assume she means going to the Liverpool airport?

#10 “Hey grandma, can you do me a favor?”

#11 Hey lil bud you’re old enough to take pictures of us now

well done kid!

#12 The look on his face lmao

#13 Another Grandma one, this one is even worse…

Modern Grandma

#14 Do you think she noticed it before uploading it?

#15 What kind of accident and what kind of surgery does that?


#17 Excuse me sir, i have a couple of questions.

what’s wrong with this guy?

#18 “My selfie with a duck”

did the Duck bite?

#19 Seriously, how do you not notice that before uploading it…

#20 “My girlfriend is always trying to sneak pics of me!”

#21 “Please honey not now”

#22 Yeah that’s a new one.

Like A Boss

#23 Oh Crap buddy, you’re in trouble…

#24 Dad Selife.

That’s how we used to take them.

#25 “My friend just posted the best selfie I’ve ever seen.”

#26 Haters will say it’s photoshopped.


#27 When one just isn’t enough anymore

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