28 “Watch-Me-Twice” Photos

A collection of amazing pictures that really need that second look

We will bless your screen with 28 pictures that need a second look to understand what’s going on. Ready? Let’s go…

1. Look again!

2. Mom! There’s something right there…

3. View from the 9th line of V.O. on a rolling liner

4. What head belongs on what body?

5. The jinnee is free!

6. I can’t believe this ain’t photoshopped!

7. The cameramen’s shadow looks like a labrador

8. When the Shadow is prettier than the object

9. Perfect moment!


11. At least the shadow stands strong

12. Is that an elephant?

13. Found real Deadpool with his son

14. Batman is here

15. Apocalypse or just a cup of tea?

16. No. That’s not a boat. It’s a shadow.

17. Nice job!

18. Can you count?

19. I’m already dead just by the thought of it.

20. Wait, what?

21. A flying boat

22. The shadow of this fence is a piano

23. I’ve heard you might like this – my protractor fits this cork coaster perfectly

24. Oh, gosh! Oh…

25. Giraffe’s shadow looks like a unicorn

26. UFOs?


28. Camouflage

Which one caught you by surprise? Let us know in the comment section.

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