50 Times People Had To Look Twice To Truly Understand The Things That Were In Front Of Them (New Pics)

Our mind is really good at playing tricks on us. It can selectively remember certain details, create false memories, and even distort reality.

So we at Bored Panda set out to find the situations that made people do a double take to fully understand what they were looking at.

From unlikely coincidence to trippy optical illusions, the pictures we ended up with serve as a playful reminder of the intricate dance between the human brain and the world around it, urging us to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary.

#1 The Frost On My Car Window Looks Like A Sketch

#2 This Bubble In An Ice Fishing Hole That Froze Over Looks Like The Moon Rising Over A Forest

#3 The Way The Sunlight Reflects Off My Vase Makes It Look Like Smoke

#4 Weeds In Bricks Look Like Oasis

#5 My Statue Of Zeus Broke And Now He Looks Like He’s Throwing Someone A Roll Of Toilet Paper

#6 Speed Bump And Crosswalk Signs In Iceland Look Like Alien Abduction

#7 The Area I Used To Work In Washington Looks Like Jurassic Park

#8 A Moon-Sized Turtle Orbiting The Earth, Or A Large Turtle In A Crystal-Clear Lake

#9 This Crane Looks Like He’s Wearing My Sneakers

#10 This Church Looks Like A Gingerbread House

#11 Bird Flew By During A Picture. Now It Looks Like A Giant Bird Landed On My Head

#12 This Plant Flips Me Off Every Morning On The Way To Work

#13 This Bird That Looks Like Danny DeVito

#14 Noticed That A Cloud Behind My Girlfriend Looked Like A Thought Bubble

#15 The Way The Sun Has Weathered This Sign, It Looks Like It’s Heavy Metal Style

#16 This Pepper I Grew Looks Just Like A Fruit Roll-Up

#17 My Dirty Coffee Cup Looks Like A Pine Forest

#18 Flashlight Through A Rock Makes It Look Like The Moon

#19 Looks Like They’re Flying To The Moon

#20 This Potato That Looks Like An Apple

#21 This Paint I Was Mixing Looked Like A Little Forest Planet

#22 The Snow On My Car Window Rolled Up Like A Swiss Roll Cake This Morning

#23 I Have A Pair Of Moles That Look Like An Eyebrow Piercing

#24 This Frozen Puddle Looks Like A Topographical Map

#25 I Was Taking A Picture Of This Cloud That Looks Like A Feather When A Bird Flew Into The Shot

#26 This Tomato Scar Looks Like The Eiffel Tower

#27 These Chocolate Chips Look Like Tiny Pipes

#28 A Reflection From My Friend’s Phone Created A Pink Floyd Album Cover On Her Hazard Button

#29 This Photo I Took Of A Bird Through My Binoculars Looks Like A Planet

#30 This Grape That Looks Like A Pumpkin

#31 My Outdoor Stray Cats Look Like My Indoor House Cats’ Stand-Ins

#32 This Square Cloud Looks Like A Giant Rug

#33 A Cloud That Looks Like A Hat

#34 My Tan Lines Make Me Look Like I’m Wearing Necropants

#35 Son Moved A Turtle With The Number 3 On Its Pattern Out Of The Road

#36 Weird Reflection Makes Man Look Like A Ghost

#37 These Clouds Look Like Europe, Africa, Asia, And Australia

#38 A Restaurant I Went To Had Yellow Windows, And It Made The Outside Look Like A Hollywood Version Of Mexico

#39 This Turtle At The Zoo Looks Like It’s Wearing A Turtleneck Sweater

#40 Dirt On A Window At Miami International Airport That Looks Like A Dental X-Ray

#41 This Banana Looks Like Somebody Opened It Up And Stitched It Together

#42 The Roots Of These Sprouts Grew In The Shape Of A Leaf

#43 My Mom Just Got These New Lights And It Looks Like They Have The Moon Inside

#44 My Daughter Found A Potato That Looks Like A Heart. It’s A Heartato

#45 This Adorable Parrot In A Hat

#46 My Friend’s Back Sweat Looks Like A Tree

#47 My Rug Looks Like A Giant Version Of My Napkin

#48 This Stick Looks Like A Sword

#49 This Seed Pod Stuck To My Car Window Looks Like A Mustache

#50 Water Forms “Ha” Perfectly On My Glasses After Rinsing Them

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