A man walks into a dinner

He sits down at the counter, orders a cup of coffee, and starts looking at the menu.

He sees broccoli and cheese soup and asks the waitress if it’s any good.
She says sure, she likes it, and mentions that the customer 2 seats down ordered it a few minutes ago, why not ask him?

The man looks over and sees the other customer just sitting there, staring into bowl of soup. He asks if the soup is any good, but gets no response.

When he asks if he could try a bite, the other customer just pushes it over to him and waves his hand to indicate, “Here, just take it.”

The man thanks him, gets a clean spoon from the waitress, and starts eating.

He’s eaten about 2/3 of it when he spoons up what he thinks is a big piece of broccoli. But to his horror, it’s a dead mouse cooked in the soup.

He immediately gags, retches, and vomits it all right back into the bowl.

The other customer glances over, nods knowingly, and says, “Yeah, that’s about as far as I got, too.

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