«At 12 a vegetarian with a shaved head!» Schwimmer’s child’s scandalous behavior made a massive splash

It was in 2011 that Ross from «Friends» welcomed his daughter! 😲😍Cleo shaved her head and called herself a vegetarian raising questions among the fans! 🤔🧐 See what she looks like now in this article! 👇👇👇

There is probably no one who hasn’t watched at least one episode of «Friends» and doesn’t know this character that was brilliantly played by successful actor D. Schwimmer.

Despite his stardom in cinema, little do people know about his personal life.

The notable actor is a father of a daughter whose recent unusual acts made a splash. The teen girl shaved her head and started to claim that she is a vegetarian which even seemed ridiculous to network users.

She is also a big protector of animal rights. However, people still can hardly understand how such a young girl could decide on such serious topics and change her image beyond recognition.

The film star seems to support his daughter’s preferences letting her start her self-discovery journey.

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