Fitness Model Reveals Physique Secrets

The fitness model Carriejune Anne Bowlby regularly showcases her toned physique on Instagram.

With 2 million followers, she also shares tips on achieving a fit body while still dressing gorgeously.

Carriejune’s beauty shines through whatever she does.

Starting in 5th grade with activities such as gymnastics, track and field, and cheerleading, the model developed a strong passion for fitness.

Hailing from New Jersey, this sought-after personality has expanded her horizons beyond athletics and delved into weight training.

With a newfound passion for building muscle, she now competes in fitness shows.

Carriejune joined a gym during her junior year of high school to achieve the muscular look she desired.

She said: “I got my first set of 8lbs weights and proceeded to have my mom buy me all of that workout equipment you see on the infomercials like shake weights, ab coasters, etc.”

The fitness model witnessed progress in her strength and physique after working hard in the gym, which she proudly displayed on social media.

Since then, the posts have inspired and aided many people in starting their body transformations with engaging, informative, and motivating content.

Carriejune draws inspiration from Brazilian fitness and IFBB pro, Larissa Reis, who boasts washboard abs that could outshine most Men’s Physique competitors.

She added: “My favorite female athlete is Larissa Reis! She was my first fitness inspiration; I love how feminine she looks with all the muscle she has!”

The fitness model exercises six days a week and reserves one day for rest and recovery.

Carriejune’s exercise regimen consists of starting with four sets of 20-15 reps on the initial exercise, with a rest time of fewer than 30 seconds.

She then progresses to heavy compound lifts, completing 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps with 60 seconds of rest between sets.

For the final part of her workout, Carriejune focuses on isolation lifts, completing 3-4 sets of each exercise with rest periods under 45 seconds.

The fitness model uses carb cycling, with two low-carb days and one high-carb day.

Her daily breakfast consists of ¾ cup of oats and egg whites, regardless of her fitness goals.

She also takes Pre Workout supplements to boost her workout performance.

Carriejune supplements with whey protein to enhance her recovery.

Carriejune’s supplement routine includes Fish Oil for heart and joint health, and multivitamins to meet her micronutrient needs.

She follows a specific training routine, focusing on quads, back, shoulders, and chest on separate days, with a glutes/hamstring leg day and arm day.

In addition to her stunning physique, Carriejune is also an entrepreneur who owns Minibeast Apparel, a clothing brand.

What do you do to keep up with your shape? Let us know if you would follow the routine of the fitness model.

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