«It’s high time to see a psychiatrist!»: The provocative dancing videos of Spears resulted in mixed reactions

The fans advised Britney Spears to see a psychiatrist after the recent posts! 😲🫢 Her seductive dances at the camera left them speechless! 🫢😦

The name of this iconic performer was universally-known in the 1990s. She definitely was one of the most desirable and in-demand singers that millions of teens adored and attempted to imitate. However, something went wrong.

Her present behavior leaves the fans speechless. They find that she has some mental problems and had better see a doctor as soon as possible.

This time, she put on a tight bodysuit and tried to seduce the followers with her provocative dances.

The fans could find no words when they saw her dancing so seductively. Many of them rushed to leave comments.

Many are convinced that she is not the same and will never be. For them, old Britney is gone and the new one doesn’t exceed their expectation.

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