My parents drove over 10 hours to see me for Christmas, but I didn’t let them in.

A woman’s parents, who live far away, planned to pay her a visit for Christmas. They journeyed nearly ten hours to meet their daughter, but when they arrived, she refused to let them into her home.

The essential question is: why? The holiday season is an ideal time for people to reconnect with their loved ones and embrace the relationships that keep them together.

Christmas is a fantastic time to celebrate love and togetherness while also being grateful for all of life’s blessings.

Families and friends who don’t get to see each other very often during the year frequently gather during the holidays.

Imagine the anguish of those who are unable to experience this basic yet pleasant joy. Today’s tale reveals something similar.

In December 2021, an anonymous female contributor shared her experience on Reddit’s “Raised by Narcissists” topic.

She began her story by telling how she refused to let her parents inside her home for Christmas, even though they had driven more than ten hours to see her.

Following that, she provided some backstory and important information about her family.

The original poster’s mother lived on the west coast, her father on the east coast, and she lived in New England.

Her mother flew to her father’s house, and they drove along with the dog. It was the first time she’d gone more than three days without speaking to her folks.

Furthermore, the woman felt a wish to see her puppy again.

When the woman’s parents came to visit, their comments stung like cold winter winds.

“You got even fatter than the last time I saw you,” that’s what they’d say, or “I didn’t think you could get any uglier, but your face looks so bad,” “Let’s go get your hair and nails done because you’ll never find a husband looking like that,” or “If you don’t have kids, then who will take care of you when you’re older?”The woman, however, was not looking for a husband.

She had chosen a different path, despite having a successful career and pursuing a Ph.D. Despite her accomplishments, her parents did not support this lifestyle.

Instead, they described her as overweight and ugly, then lamented her obvious poor self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Her parents would search through her kitchen, tossing the food and insisting she only ate what they cooked.

To keep objects from being thrown away, the woman had to secretly store them in the bedroom closet before their visits. When she showed frustration, they ignored her, suggesting she was too sensitive or couldn’t take a joke.

Despite her repeated attempts to adjust their behavior, they saw her as grumpy and dismissed her concerns. To express the intensity of her feelings, the woman eventually refused to see them.

They thought themselves outstanding parents because they had never physically harmed their daughter while she was growing up.

Furthermore, the woman’s parents had provided her with a high-quality education as well as access to all of the necessary facilities and materials.

Despite a recurring sense of remorse over how she handled the situation with them, she was proud to finally stand up for herself.

After 30 years of emotional abuse and relentless rudeness and contempt from her parents, the woman eventually held solid in her decision.

Throughout the summer, she made it obvious that she did not want to spend time with them if they kept up their nasty attitudes and incessant insults.

Her parents did not take her warning seriously. After refusing to spend Christmas with them, she hoped they would grasp the gravity of her decision.

She also sought assistance from the online community after refusing to allow her parents into her home.

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