My Sister Invited Me to an Upscale Restaurant, Vanished into the Bathroom When It Was Time to Pay the Bills

A woman excitedly accepted her sister’s invitation for dinner after the latter moved to a nearby town.

However, shock awaited her when her sister and her boyfriend disappeared as soon as it was time to settle the bill at an upscale restaurant.

The Reddit user, Wild-Eggplant1780, had initially suggested more affordable dining options but agreed to the upscale choice upon her sister’s insistence.

After a delightful dinner, the sister excused herself to the bathroom but, along with her boyfriend, vanished without settling the bill.

Confused and frustrated, the woman texted and called her sister, who responded with a message thanking her for the dinner.

Left with the unpaid bill, the Reddit user warned her sister of potential legal action if she didn’t return within 30 minutes.

True to her word, the woman paid for her and her husband, sharing her sister’s details with the restaurant.

The next day, the sister called, angered by the restaurant’s demands for payment. The Reddit user stood firm, reminding her sister of the pricey establishment and her initial warning.

Despite family involvement pressuring her to pay, the woman sought opinions on Reddit about not settling the bill and letting the restaurant involve the police.

Commenters supported the woman’s stance, criticizing the sister’s assumption that the bill would be covered and commending the Redditor for standing her ground.

Many agreed that splitting the bill is customary unless someone volunteers to pay, and some expressed disbelief at the sister’s behavior, considering both were in their 30s.

The woman felt uncomfortable with her sister’s financial expectations and sought validation in handling the situation.

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