The hospital undergoing surgery

A woman has a serious accident and ends up in the hospital undergoing surgery.

Her husband waits in the waiting room, distraught, when several hours later the surgeon exits the operating room and approaches him.

‘”Good news: the procedure was successful. But the road to recovery will be tough. She’ll need intensive rehab for years, setting you back about $3,000 a month.’

The husband starts to get worried.

‘Then, she’ll likely need more surgeries in the future.

There might be follow-up surgeries, which insurance won’t cover.

That’s another potential $105,000 to $200,000.

The man starts to break into a cold sweat.

‘And in reality, she’ll need a high-quality wheelchair and a suitable vehicle for transporting the disabled, but with $35,000, you should manage.’

The husband, deeply concerned about the money, looks desperate.

The surgeon offers a comforting hand and says, ‘Don’t worry dude,I was just kidding.

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