«Varicose and skin pigmentation!» Collins showed her bikini body and caused a furor

Collins forgot about her age and bared her legs on vacation! 😬😳 The star ages like wine and still keeps breaking hearts of men! 😍💘 See her bikini body in this article! 👇👇👇

If we didn’t know, hardly any of us would guess that this fantastic-looking woman is already 90.

When one has a look at her, it becomes hard to believe that she is already a senior grandmother considering her age. Her spirit seems to be timeless.

Despite her age, she still travels widely, experiences new emotions and is still there to explore the world.

She is quite active on social media and keeps in touch with her biggest fans and admirers.

Lately, she has shared a photo series from vacation and became an Internet star. Network users rushed to double-check her age expressing disbelief. They simply didn’t believe that an old woman could look so amazing.

«Looking gorgeous! How is this possible at 90?», «Even the young can’t stand next to her», «Am I the only one who doesn’t believe she is 90?», «No way she is older than my grandmother!».

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